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Posted on 31-Dec-2018

Well, we're not exactly snow-bound this year! Here is a nice walk along the Creek near our home. These willow trees are massive, and this old guy, in particular, is a favourite scrambling tree for the boys. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted on 17-Dec-2018

It's important to get those dead Ash Trees down as soon as possible. This little guy was almost a straight fell- but (erring on the side of caution) I climbed it and pieced it down gently. It made for great firewood (neatly stacked) for the homeowner.

Posted on 24-Nov-2018

Winter came early, thank goodness. Here's the operation from high up in a maple. We had to climb to clear the last couple of trees over the high voltage. Fun project!

Posted on 17-Nov-2018

39 meter tall Poplar - the largest removal we've done in Eastern Canada. Unfortunately this tree had to be removed for a water well. Sometimes this work has to be done- we try to compensate what we take out with the trees we've planted ( close to 500,000 so far) and discerning choice of what w...

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Posted on 2-Oct-2018

The impact of Emerald Ash Borer cannot be overstated. While we hope that resistant trees may exist and that they may, in the long term, recover, we are seeing the near eradication of the Ash trees in North America. We've lost the battle and the best we can do is to remove the trees safely. Pl...

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Posted on Jun 29, 2018

The Figure-8 Knot, simple as it looks, is one of the most important and SYMBOLIC knots you can tie. A retraced Figure-8 is often used as a tie-in knot when rock, ice or alpine climbing (though I prefer a bowline w/a Yosemite finish, that is certainly a minority opinion). Perhaps the most import...

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Posted on Jun 23, 2018

On cool days, even the view down is nice. I inspected this Silver Maple - notice the lightning scar along the left stem. This old tree can use a bit of bracing and support. It is nice to climb aloft with nothing but a rope - no chainsaws, no chipper- they way climbing, really, is meant to be.

Posted on Jun 22, 2018

Well, got this in the mail awhile ago. What a GREAT read- inspiring stories from the climbers of old. It takes some mental work to climb each and every day - accidents happen when you 'go through the motions'. One way I keep my head in the game- keep my fear down, my focus up, is reading climbi...

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Residential and Commercial Tree Services

  • Tree Pruning

    We climb to remove compromised branches, provide line and structural clearance, and to beautify your tree. Proper and scientifically-backed pruning techniques can help to maintain or improve the health of your tree.
  • Tree Removal

    We will expertly remove small to large trees. As climbers, we specialize in hard-to-access climbing jobs, in areas such as back yards, or along difficult ground, where boom trucks cannot access.
  • Stump Grinding

    Using our Carlton stump grinder, we grind small-to-medium sized stumps, or stumps less than 26" at the root crown, to approximately 10-14" depth. If the stump is too large for our machines, we will recommend and arrange estimates with a good, local company that does larger stump work.

We Care About Trees

We provide many tree services such as Tree Pruning, Tree Removal and Stump Grinding.  ISA Certified Professional Arborists will assess your tree, and offer a cost-effective solution if work is required.  We believe in a healthy, urban forest where safe, beautiful trees provide both tangible and intangible benefits.

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